Chapter Life

Chapter Life is critical to one's participation in the CPSP community. In fact, no one can secure and maintain CPSP credentials without an active and committed involvement in Chapter life.

Some Chapters see it as their role to take in non-credentialed persons and nurture them along until they can secure their credentials. Others, will have its membership dedicated to only those who are certified by the CPSP. You can locate a Chapter on our 
Directory page, contact that Chapter's Convener to start the inquiry process, their emails are provided. If you need assistance finding a Chapter, please contact Krista Argiropolis, Administrative Coordinator or if you have specific questions about Chapter Life, please contact Perry Miller.

A vital part of our website is the Pastoral Report. If you would like to receive updates to the Pastoral Report by email, you may subscribe by entering your name and email address on our Subscribe to Pastoral Report page. Anytime a new announcement is posted, you will be notified via email.

While visiting Pastoral Report be sure to take a minute to read the CPSP Covenant; this is what we at CPSP strive to be. Please also take a moment to familiarize yourself with our CPSP Standards, which provide guidance to chapters and other CPSP structures as they do their work of certifying and recertifying persons, accrediting programs, and upholding ethical standards.

Once you have become established in a Chapter and  you wish to become a member of our organization; please visit our Join page for more information. 

Please note that Chapter membership is determined by the local chapter and is not based on dues paid. Everyone is encouraged to participate in local chapters and Chapter membership is required of those seeking and obtaining certification

If you have any specific questions about membership, training, or certification, you may email our Administrative Coordinator, Krista Argiropolis, with your questions. 

Attention Conveners
Are you looking for the 2020 Annual Chapter Report Form? It was emailed to all members of CPSP - if it isn't in your inbox or spam folder, check with the members of your chapter - they will also have a copy. If you need more time to complete it, please let us know!