CPSP Accreditation Commission's Response
to the Pandemic Situation

Due to the challenges that many of our programs are facing with COVID-19 as well as concerns related to the health of our supervisors, SITs, and trainees, the Accreditation Commission has decided to postpone all in-person site visits until after January 1, 2021.


For Programs which were due for a Site Visit and Review in 2020, the Accreditation Oversight Committee and the Accreditation Commission are moving forward with a complete review of each program’s self-study and will schedule a virtual site visit to take place via Zoom at a mutually convenient date for the review team and the center/program.  The virtual review will include as much of the original site visit schedule/plans as possible.  If a program is facing undue hardship related to COVID-19, there is an option to move the review and virtual visit to 2021.  Questions about this and any other issues related to scheduling and plans should be directed to the Accreditation Commission Chair.

As the US Department of Education requires an in-person site visit to have shoes on the ground and to affirm all that was learned through the virtual site visit, the Commission will schedule the on-site visit after January 1, 2021 on a mutually agreed upon time-frame.  This visit will include two persons as arranged by the Accreditation Oversight Committee.

For New Centers/Programs, Centers/Programs wishing to add Satellites, or Components, or Centers/Programs Seeking to add Supervisors or SITs As all in-person site visits will be postponed until after January 1, 2021, programs seeking pre-accreditation or to add additional programs/supervisors/SITs should proceed as outlined in the Accreditation Manual.


As required by the CPSP Accreditation Manual and the U.S. Department of Education, this online forum has been set up for announcements and public comments on CPSP training programs that are being considered for pre-accreditation, initial accreditation, or re-accreditation. 

  • Announcements for pre-accreditation will posted and open for public comment at least 30-days in advance. 
  • Announcements for initial accreditation or re-accreditation will be posted for public comment at least 60-days in advance. 


Hackensack Meridian Health at JFK Medical Center, Edison, NJ; George Akins, Jr., Clinical Supervisor (posted: 13-Nov. 2019)


Nov. 6, 2019
South Nassau Community Hospital; James Steward, II, Clinical Supervisor


Oct. 18, 2019
Robert Wood Johnson; Tedford Taylor, Clinical Supervisor

Nov. 15, 2019
Meritus Medical Center; Orville Browne, Clinical Supervisor