Certification Process Outline

1.      The Candidate will complete a pre-certification consultation review with their Chapter or with an approved Chapter, if their Chapter has fewer than four members certified at the level sought by the candidate.
  • Candidates are eligible if they are a member of CPSP, in good standing and meet or exceed the level of certification they are seeking.
  • Reference: CPSP Standards, Section 440.
  • There is no form or format for the pre-certification consultation - it is up to the Chapters to decide how they want to conduct the consultation process.
2.      The Candidate and their Chapter Convener will complete the Consultation Report Form for the level of certification they are seeking. The forms are on CPSP.ORG (LINK
  • Submit completed forms via email to Krista Argiropolis, Administrative Coordinator (krista@cpsp.org)
  • Incomplete forms and/or handwritten forms will not be accepted.
  • All Chapter members must be copied (Cc’d) on the email.
  • The Candidate will register for the review panel on the Event page of the website. 
  • Review panels are held at least three times a year, and the review panels dates are posted on our website's Upcoming Events page.
3.      Candidates will email their supporting documents as one PDF to Krista Argiropolis, Administrative Coordinator. 

NOTE: If you are looking for a list of the supporting documents required for certification, please download the Certification Form for the certification-level you are considering applying for - a list of the documents is in the form (for most forms, it's section 5).

  • It is the Candidate's responsibility to submit only one PDF document, professionally organized with all required  materials consistent to their level for certification.
  • The PDF should be named with the candidate’s last name (e.g. “Miller – Certification documents.pdf”).
  • All documents and supporting materials must be submitted no less than 60 days prior to the date of the certification review.
  • For a list of the supporting documents needed, please see the CPSP Standards.
4.      An invoice for the certification fees and the review panel fee will be sent to the candidate.
  • The Dues and Fees Schedule is on CPSP.ORG (Link)
  • Certification fees are non-refundable. 
  • Invoices must be paid in full before the 60-day deadline.
  • Candidates approved for certification via reciprocity will not need to pay the Review Panel fee.
  • Candidates seeking certification for Training Supervisor, Supervisor-in-Training, Hospice and Palliative Care, Associate Hospice and Palliative Care, and Clinically Trained Minister will not need to pay the review panel fee
5.      After the above requirements have been met, Krista will confirm with the candidate and the Certification Committee that the candidate is ready to be scheduled for review. 
  • The candidate will receive a scheduled time for the panel about two weeks after the 60-day deadline. 
  • Reviews take about ninety minutes - candidates may use the rest of the day however they please. 
  • Candidates are responsible for their travel arrangements and expenses. Certification fees do not cover travel, lodging or food.

7.      Once the Review Panel has been completed and if the Candidate has been recommended for certification, the Candidate will be awarded the certificate(s) at the next Plenary, usually in mid-March, and their Directory profile will be updated at that time.
  • Candidates who are not approved for certification will receive a report, including recommendations, within 30-days of their review. They may apply for an appeal of the decision and that information is available at the review panel.
  • Each time a candidate sits for a Review Panel, the Review Panel Fee will apply.
8.      Recertification of in good standing CPSP members will be completed annually, at the Chapter level, as part of the Annual Chapter Report and annually certification by the Governing Council
a.     Reference: CPSP Standards, Section 1230


CPSP Standards

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