EDITOR'S NOTE: A Book that Examines" Being Called" from a variety of perspectives.

05 Aug 2015 12:08 AM | Perry Miller, Editor (Administrator)

Publisher described in its email announcement as:

"Scientists and scholars representing diverse disciplines and worldviews describe and interpret their experience of feeling called to a particular life path or vocation. The spectrum of perspectives represented in this collection ranges from atheist neuroscientists to agnostic psychologists to devout theologians. This collection functions as the definitive reference guide to callings, while serving as fascinating reading - especially to readers who have ever tried to make sense of a calling."

I've not yet read the book but given one of our own, CPSP Diplomate Harold Ellens, is one of the editors and contributors, it must be a substantive examination of what it means to be "called" from a variety of perspectives, not just clergy who want to corner the market place on the idea.

One drawback is that Amazon lists the price of the book as $48. Has the publisher not heard of E-books that can be downloaded at a reasonable price?

The Pastoral Report will be interested in your response to the book.

Perry Miller, Editor